Thursday, December 17, 2009

Remember remember the 10th of December

I was drivin' around one night when I realized that I have not post up the pics from my bday. The whole bday thing was not planned. We were all busy with finals, practicals and what not. Therefore I myself did not really bother about celebrating or what so ever. I remembered it was on a Thursday night, Eric and I were workin' our asses off tryin' to finish our assignments when Mr.Bunny called me up. In fact the whole day I was waitin' for him to wish me. I thought he totally forgot it was my bday, but I was cool with it cos' I know he's busy with work and all. Lil' did I know that he actually planned 2days before my bday, to get me a gift with Angel, and bring me out for dinner. Damn those assignments I had to say that I can't go out for dinner cos the friggin' essay was due the next day and I had to finish it by that night! Mr.Bunny said its ok and he will call me if anything. I felt so bad and annoyed with the fact that i could not even go out and celebrate on my birthday and God it felt like the worst bday of my life.

Mr.Bunny texted around 8.30pm later that night, and he told me that he was on his way with Angel. Im like wtf, but I knew earlier on that knowin' Bunny, he would surely try to cheer me up. Plus, it was my bday. So yea. Angel and Bunny came with KFC. It aww-ed me and I was so touched. It felt so good. They got me snack plate and ice cream, and also a nice T-shirt. I love those two. I love the shirt. So much!

In campus the next day, Yen and Gerald gave me a clock for my bday. Its really cute I love it you two. I hope you're readin' this. :] And Eric chia-ed me a nice chicken burger. Got it around 3.30am around Water front. I love road side burgers! See, little2 things like this always matters to me.

And yesterday Sacha and her mum gave me some cookies. A xmas gift they say. It tastes as good as Famous Amos'. Just better. :]

Scars remind me Of just how far that I've come. Ain't it just the way life goes? People fear what they don't know. Come along for the ride. And who knows what you might find. :]