Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ahoy July.

my days without you are so dark,
so long, so gray,
my days without you are so absurd,
so bitter, so tough,
my days without you,
my days without you don't have nights,
if someone appears,
it's useless to sleep,
my days without you are an excess,
the hours don't have a beginning, or end
so short of air,
so filled with nothing,
useless junk,
trash on the floor,
flies in the house

my days without you are like a sky,
without silvery moons,
nor traces of the sun,
my days without you are only an echo,
that always repeats,
the same song

Sunday, May 2, 2010


It has been a while since i last updated my blog. Well, blardy lazy to be honest. Plus with assignments and all, there was no time to update. Besides, somehow when you have a couple of friends to talk your heart out, blogging seems a little bit unnecessary.

I just cant wait for July. We'll see.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I may not be a born surfer, or anything close to surfer dude material...but I do have interest in having a custom made surf board. WITH MARILYN MONROE ON IT!

I swear that would be hot. I designed one(above) and showed it to Bunny and he said it is possible and he will definitely help me with designing it one day. Well, it is for my future chill out corner kind of cafe. :) Sweeeeeeeeet~ I'm planning to call it Claps. Or maybe Claps by Dex Rose. See? Sounds awesome,no? You have to agree with me. And no copyrights please. I'm so gonna sue anyone who steals the name. Mind you, I have my ways. :)

Monday, February 22, 2010


Calling others ugly does not make you any prettier or handsomer. Calling others fat will not make you any skinnier or fitter as well. When you discriminate and say someone is gay and such, it does not make you any manlier or macho-er in any sense as well. Bottom line is, it does not matter what people says about you. As long as you stay true to yourself, you will go far.

I mean, no ones perfect right? So chill. God is great. :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010


"I make a wish on a star at night
the brightest star that's in the sky
Only to have realized
that it was just a satellite"

My dream - My dream is to have a perfect day.
A perfect day spent with people whom I love, and who love me back.
Sometimes, when you are just about to feel happy...
Reality comes knockin' on your door, pulling you back to earth.
Perhaps all it wants you to realize is that life is indeed a yoyo.
Like full of ups and downs. Thus, this is just another
episode of 'the life-cycle'. Nothing new i guess.
We must always look forward to happiness. :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Seasons change

To cut or not to cut...that is the Question.

Seriously sometimes I just wish that hair grows as how we want it to be. I feel like chopping my hair off and at the same time I know that if i did, Ill regret it to the max. I somehow miss my mohawk days. Then again, in the other hand I love my rugged,-i-dont-care-what-you-think-about-me look at the moment. You get what I mean?

During my mohawk days, I was undeniably 'skinnier'. Im currently as fat as fuck. Pardon me, but I am certainly out of shape. I love to procrastinate. I can be so enthusiastic at first about losing em' weight but can instantly be distracted the next. Oh lord, help me. I want a hollywood personal trainer. Or maybe I should join the next Biggest Loser Asia. I believe I might win. :)

Going down memory lane certainly brings back memories about me and my sort of achievement in hairstyles. I used to be very daring in changing and trying new things. I dont usually follow trends. I tend to be myself most of the time. In individuality at least. I am also too lazy to upload pics of myself with different hairstyles at the moment. I really like my hair long cos' I think its so awesome. Well, besides the fact that I often been told that I look like a girl. It really is annoying but I dont think Im under the pretty boy category cos I'm very unappealing most of the time.haha.

I have proof.


But ofcourse Bunny and Eric are appealing. I'm the less appealing one.
And at the end of the day, beyond the abnormality, we are all pretty normal after all. :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Absolut everything?

Nothing says Saturday evening like driving all the way up to Serian and spending time with your grandma. The sun sets beautifully and the sky looks like a blanket of blue ocean. Yes, I have been reading lately. Hence, the flowery sentences. Anyways, Eric and I drove up to Serian yesterday with my mum and my lil nephew. We went to Ranchan and around town snappin' pics for our Design Practise assignment. God knows what it requires. Yen, if you're reading me, we both went lost thinking about the assignment and what it actually want from us.

In the end, both of us ended up lookin' around at funny t-shirts with bad typos and grammar mistakes. T-shirts made in China mostly. Damn, don't they have any english tutors or something over there. Hmm, but the cherry on top of the icing of the day is when I found this awesome sling beg with the Brit's flag printed on it in some supermarket where everyone in Serian goes to shop at. It's like their Spring or Mid Valley. I fell in love with the beg as soon as i lay my eyes on it. This is truly love at first side. Mind you, I usually dont believe in love at first side. But this is a different case. One can never say no to a cheap yet so awesome beg. I got it for less than 20bucks. RM18.50 to be exact. :) I am so proud of my ability to shop like a smart buyer. No,really I am. haha.

It almost look like the beg above. Like 97% accurate. Just that instead of the white features, it is black. And my beg is slightly smaller too. Well guys, dont hate me cos you aint me!

And after dinner with the family, both of us went straight back to Kuching. Speeding on Kuching-Serian's highway is awesome. Its like what you see on video games, just better. If you know what I mean.

Anyways, I would like to also wish my heartiest condolences to mr.Bunny's late dreadlocks. Yes, today was its last day of 'dreadlocking'. It has left us nothing but with great memories. May it rest in peace, amen.

Memoirs of Dreadlocks.

Thanks for reading folks. Now, shooooh! :)