Thursday, February 11, 2010

Seasons change

To cut or not to cut...that is the Question.

Seriously sometimes I just wish that hair grows as how we want it to be. I feel like chopping my hair off and at the same time I know that if i did, Ill regret it to the max. I somehow miss my mohawk days. Then again, in the other hand I love my rugged,-i-dont-care-what-you-think-about-me look at the moment. You get what I mean?

During my mohawk days, I was undeniably 'skinnier'. Im currently as fat as fuck. Pardon me, but I am certainly out of shape. I love to procrastinate. I can be so enthusiastic at first about losing em' weight but can instantly be distracted the next. Oh lord, help me. I want a hollywood personal trainer. Or maybe I should join the next Biggest Loser Asia. I believe I might win. :)

Going down memory lane certainly brings back memories about me and my sort of achievement in hairstyles. I used to be very daring in changing and trying new things. I dont usually follow trends. I tend to be myself most of the time. In individuality at least. I am also too lazy to upload pics of myself with different hairstyles at the moment. I really like my hair long cos' I think its so awesome. Well, besides the fact that I often been told that I look like a girl. It really is annoying but I dont think Im under the pretty boy category cos I'm very unappealing most of the time.haha.

I have proof.


But ofcourse Bunny and Eric are appealing. I'm the less appealing one.
And at the end of the day, beyond the abnormality, we are all pretty normal after all. :)