Saturday, September 13, 2008


I feel like I am foremost the lousiest friend someone could have. Leave alone best friend. It's like, every time I feel like I finally found a best friend(s), something will come up and for some reason these little things will somehow make things ugly. And seriously, I don't want anything bad to happen to these wonderful relationships I have. ANYMORE.

I care for them so much, to the point where I would rather be there for them 24/7. My brother from another mother once told me that I am too nice. He was so worried about me cos' he don't want be to feel hurt at the end of the day. I will be fine bro. Thanks for having my back Butthead. You know I care for you as much as you care for me too,no?? :]

Well, If making the people around me happy, especially close friends like you guys....why not right? To put a smile on their faces means to also put a smile on my face. I don't know why I'm ranting about all these right now. I guess I just want to make things clear - That I do care for the people I always mention.
-------->My bestfriend, My rocker brother from another mother, Nata-my sister from another mother, and Me sexie ladies. Nothing else matters. I want to graduate with these memories of being with you guys. One day we are all gonna look back at this and say,"What a wonderful world......"...hahaha. Kidin. Thats a song lyric. Point is, I really really LOVE you guys. There you go, I've said it. Man, I never knew that I could get so attached with you guys. Ones we were all strangers to each other, and now???? I think I know more about you guys than my own cousins. Seriously.

Thinking about losing you guys is far more scarier than being chase by a fat annaconda. Words cant even describe how I feel for you guys. Is this what you call friends for life? I don't know either. But cheers to us.
To my monyet and mr.Bunny, I'm sorry if I am not the most machoest or manliest guy friend you both ever had. I know I am so far your most weirdest friend. I know somehow I burden you guys alot. For I turn to you for every simple little things. I treat you guys like brothers. You both annoy me to the bits but its really ok For I care for you as much as I care for the rest. I am really sorry if I ever made you uncomfortable ok?? You guys have always been there for me. I promise you that one day I'll bring my hot-latina gf to meet you guys k? hehehe. Insyallah. I will really miss our cuci-mata moments at the Spring. hahahahahaha. Nyet2. Bunny2. IF there's anyone who can influence me to the max, its BOTH of you. I just want you to know that all this while I was being myself and I am happy to be able to do that around you guys.

To my Nata and my sexie ladies, I just want you guys to also know that I may be the lousiest brother from another mother, a guy best friend, a Someone-to-talk-to kind of friend to all of you. But I also want you to know that I am so happy to have found you girls. I feel love from sisters I never had. :] I heart y'all.

SERIOUSLY, this whole sem is making me gheyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

Angelina Jolie is still on top of my list y'all. hehe. :] One sweet day I'll find myself a hot latina gf ok???hehehe.
Man, looks like after this a new chapter of my life will begin. And I will be all ALONE. Does this mean my all time fear will finally come true???

Lord, have mercy.

*Its a feeling nothing in the world can change except the people around me.