Friday, September 12, 2008

Day, Noon, Night.


Went for breakfast at Kaya and Toast with Nata yesterday. Had this set B menu which consist of a set of half boiled eggs, a local hot drink (obviously its coffee), and 4 toast of Peanut Butter and honey. Delicioso!!!! :]

Then headed back to campus for classes. Class was insane. As usual. And I had to re-advance my typography 2 assignment. wtf.

Chill dex, chill................


Loafed around Wings Coffee with Paramita. Then went to see Eric being a Life drawing model. OMFG, he had to stand in the same position for like almost 3hrs!!!!! WHOA..........................

*hahaha. Poor nyet.

Later in the evening around 3-4, headed back to my place. Gerald dropped eric and I. Then I was drooling over his fucking guitar skills. Like seriously, HE PLAYS LIKE AWESOME DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!! HE actually played a whole full album from this band called Farewell to freeway and he NEVER listen to em' before. AMAZING,no???!!!! I went WTF.
Man, I am so proud of YOU. And I want to be as good as you bro. :]

* My bestfriend is a Rockstar.

Later at night, went to the Spring with the rest. Eric and I went to watch this anime convention thing and Nata, Gerald and the gang took part. Was awesome. :]
And btw, eric and I had a really good laugh at this dance we saw, by some moms, dads, and some very not-so-young-anymore man dancing his ass off. He was ENTHUSIASTIC. Goodness gracious me.

* That's yen. Nata. :]

*Nata. hehe. Nata was Naruto-ing.

* Gerald @ Ferald. hahaha. erm,not sure what he was. Sorry bro....

* Kenan as some character who apparently loves FOOD. hmmm, so he was cosplaying as himself? hahahaha. Kiddin' Kenan. :p

* The whole group of Akiyame people.

* Tho OMYGOD-LOOK-AT-THAT-MAN dance. hahaha.

* I want my own Guitar. huhu.