Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Today was Interesting. I am so glad and happy that BellyBel actually didnt expect the surprise party we did for her. But KUDOS to Roza, Adrian, and the rest for this surprise thing. It was fun. :]

After lunch, Yen and I went to the backyard and just sit and talk under the so called hut. Its really nice and peaceful. You should try. Seriously. haha.
Syafiq came after 15mins. Then Roza msgd me and asked me where I was. She also came after like 2mins. The four of us had our moments. Everyone with their own situations. Like seriously dude, this sem is like the EMO-est sem in the history of EMO-est sem. For some reasons, most of us are having difficulties. Man, I feel for y'all. I have my own situations too.

It just suck to no end when you fail to cheer your friends up. To be honest, I would rather worry about other people than to worry about myself. Its the feeling you get when you put a smile on their faces. Its just priceless. I am happiest when I know my friends are happy too. I tend to feel what they feel. I just wanna be there for them. Through sad and happy moments.

Well, I am not saying that I am the bestest friend somebody could have. I am just saying that I am sincere when I say that I'll be there for you whenever you need me. I wont try. Cos trying means failing with dignity. I give you my word when I say that I care for you. Cos I sincerely do.
Talk is cheap. So action speaks louder than words.

Ok. Enough with that. hahaha. Some serious talk ey???? Lets loosen up......

YO YO YO!!!!! Hahaha. Im not sad or anything, really......Dont get me wrong people. I am lovin' my life. I really do. With friends and family around me. That's all I need.

Like today, I am also glad that my bestfriend is happier too. :]
It makes me feel so useless seeing him so so low and you just know that something is bugging him and he is going through it alone. :[ I guess everyone has their own ways in handling stuffs. But really, I really dont mind going through it together with you bro. Through sad and happy moments. You have always been there for me too bro. You dont have to go through it alone aite???I will always have your back. Promise. You know you can count on me.


Same goes to the rest aite? You know who you are. Just call my name and I'll be there. :]


* My sexie Bel. :]

*The people I am so proud of.

* Its mr.Syafiq. Just be yourself aite? :]

*Lets all go to the Laughing city and decrease our fuckin' emo hormones. hahahahhaa.