Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dex Miguel is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahah...i didnt know how to start my post, so there you go. Whoa, is it me or time flies man. Like only a few days ago it was still August and now its like freakin' September y'all. Like whoa about time passing by. You know what this means? Thou shalt enjoy each and every second of it. Living life to its fullest and not worrying about what might happend tomorow. Sometimes its not about the answers, but its the questions that matters.

Regardless of the fact that this is my last sem and all. I will SERIUSLY MISS my mothafuckin' best friend, my sister and brother from another mother, and me sexie ladies SO SO FUCKING MUCH. As much as Paris Hilton would feel when she lost her tiny dog with big eyes which looked like it was about to burst and pop out! hahahaha. Man, everyoday I will wake up feeling vulnerable. The fact that this will be my last sem here at LKW makes things even more complicated. Its not that I aint happy with the fact that I wont have to worry about my fees anymore...Cos' to be honest, I am damn excited to start my career and to pursue my dreams. Im pretty sure that the world is awaiting me for more excitements. Ahem2. hehe. :]
Anyway, point is...... I wasnt prepared to be going through each and everyday without the people i see everyday. The ones who has been around me since like forever now. I aint being' dramatic or anything, but it is really hard for me to accept that fact! Man, sometimes I just feel like ignoring everyone around me and just be this sad loner kinda person. But Hell to tha No!!!! I'd rather take a chance and enjoy every second of it with the people i mentioned above.
Here I am, being GHEYYYYY again...But who cares!!!!! Hahahaha. If being gheyyy means tellin' the people you care that you Heart them, then be that way. hahahaha. Still, I aint gay as in homo dudes and dudets!!! Puh-lezzz. Angelina Jolie is still on top of mah list y'all.... :] How can I be gay, as in like gay when God created someone like her?!!! hahaha. No offence to anyone who is readin this okai?? I have nothing against gay people. In fact, one way or another, we are all still Gods creations after all,no??. So yea.....

POINT IS.......I Love my bestfriend, My rocker brother from another mother, my sister from another mother, and me sexie ladies so so so so so so so so FUCKING MUCH......
and I know you guys Love me too! Dont deny it!!!! hahahahaha. Jz kidin.
(wtf,dn u dare not love me.) hahahahahah. Sheesh man, I'm so lame sometimes.

Anyways, this past few days were interesting. Enjoy folks!!!!!

* The after party effect.


*BnB during merdeka night.



* And now I have headache. wtf.