Thursday, September 4, 2008

To my mothafuckin' bestfriend and my brother from another mother......
this post is dedicated to you.

Yes, YOU.

For as long as I can remember, You guys have always been the one that I can turn to...the one that I can share my ups and downs with.

NO matter what happends, I will always be there for you guys. You guys have always been there for me. Through ups and downs, through sad and happy moments.
YOU both annoy me to the bits, hell yeah you do...YOU ASSES!!!! hahaha. But its really ok cos I know when You dont annoy me, There must be something Wrong. There are times when You say nothing at all, and those times were the scariest moments cos I know when you guys are silent, there must be something bothering you. It suck to see you that way. I know I may not be the bestest friend in the history of bestest friend but I just want You to know that no matter what it is, You will always have ME by your side bro. I will always have your back. Promise.

I know that it is so not manly for a guy to do this, but really...You dont know how much I apreciate you guys. As much as I care for my mum, my family, my sister from another mother, me sexie ladies....Thats how much I care for you too. I heart u asses so so much.

You BOTH rock!!! Dont EVER change ok???

P/s- To my sister from another mother, and to me sexie ladies... You know I feel the same way for you guys right?? :]