Thursday, July 31, 2008


Today was a funny, weird, interesting day. Loves it.
Woke up as usual, for a while...blablabla. etc.
Anyway,after Jeff picked me up around 11.30am i guess...we went to The Spring for lunch. Ate the chicken rice you can found at Food Bazaar. Food was great. After lunch, walked around for a while around the spring. Met some old collage mate, then lingered around the spring. From up to down. Down to up. Saw familiar faces, and some are the ones you just dont-know-where-you-see-them-before-but-you-know-them kind of people.
So yea........

Anyway,after The Spring...Me and Jeff decided to park at Parkson and just walk around town. So we did. While walking arounf the artsy craftsy area around water front, I bought this bangle made out of coconut shell. Loves it man. Very the tribal. That was the highlight of my day.hahahaha. Sad sad me. Oh well.............

*btw,saw this pic behind this old bus. Was like wtf-kinds-of-moments. Totally.

After that went to Boulevard just to kill time and stuff. Drank at Ipoh Coffee House for a while then walked around Boulevard. Went to Converse and met Chary there. haha. Poor dude, he was bored. The funny thing is, we both had Rolling Stones t.shirts on. Different designs, just that it was the same band.
Conclusion------WE HAVE GREAT TASTE. hahahaha. I noe right,man?!!!! :]

* Nice t.shirts we have,no????hahahaha. :]
Cos we Rock.
\m/ \m/ Rock on dude.

* Dont you just wish you can speak and pronounce french sometimes??? *random thoughts*