Thursday, July 31, 2008

One night at the airport.

Last Wednesday night, Yen, Aina and Nurul brought me out. I think it was like around 9-ish. As in 9pm. We met up around Food Avenue, the one opposite Everrise 4th Mile. At first we didn't know where to go, but after 5mins of dicussing in the car and after we managed to make a big U-turn, we finally decided to go to Starbucks Coffee, the airport branch. Loves it better there cos' we could get 30% percent off cos we have our friend, Jacob, who works there. (thx jacob,u rock!) So ooo yeah baybeh!!! Dont hate us cos you aint us. :]
The four of us ordered a drink each and i got the latest drink Starbucks had just launched.
I proudly present to you--------

*Comes in three different sizes. HEAVENLY i tell u.

What Dex Miguel thinks about the drink......

One word-------------------ORGASMIC.

We managed to hang out with Jacob for 5mins then he had to leave cos he needs to pick his cousin up from work somewhere at third mile. Thx again Jacob. The 30% really made a HUGE difference. Will chia you kolo mee next time k??hehehe.

Anyway, the rest of us hung out for a while at Starbucks to the point where we coulndt take it anymore cos it was freakishly cold inside that we almost freeze to death. *Dramatic moments*

So after Aina finished her slice of im-not-sure-what-flavour-was-the-cake she ordered, we went out and just walked around the corridor. Basically, we just sat on the pathway and chit chat. It was fun. Tho it makes me feel like I miss my bestfren and my butthead and the rest so so much. Thx tho Yen, i really had fun. :]

While walking down the lane....hahaha. Sounds so xmas-ish. wtf.

*Destiny's Child. hahahahahaha. Whos Beyonce???


*I look oh_so_gay rite??hahah. shitto. wtf.

*man,i weighed extra 520 callories more after that drink. wtf. haha.