Sunday, July 27, 2008

A certain shade of Green.

Do you know how it feels like when you just dont know how to express your own feelings..? Or do you know how it feels like to have alot of people around you yet u STILL feel so so alone in this world?.....Well, I seriously dont know what to call that feeling. So i shall just call it 'The Feeling yang sik best.' hahaha. Oh well...
And its like, I so so miss my old daily-routine. Like wake up, shower, cofi, campus, assignments, laughing with friends at wings coffee....Then during lucnh, me and the usual geng will like walk over to the shop opposite U-tesh. haha. I know, doesn't sound that interesting to you,right? But what happends in between makes my day so interesting and it makes me feel alive and wanting more in Life. I know right, I sound like a preacher-wannabe. Oh well, the point is...You Live, You Learn!!!!

And right now I so so miss my partner in crime, my best friend, my monyet, my motherfuckin' fuckheaded fucker childhood friend - eric. Like we totally rock dude!!!!! hahaha. Man, i miss doin' crazy random stuffs with him. Like i dont get bored with him man. Just give us beer, our bnb to be exact, and we will be the happiest elligable bachelors available. haha. Ok fine,maybe not elligable bachelors...Perhaps not-so-elligable-bachelors. haha. Happy? Lol.
Thus, we shall party like rockstars when YOU come back,nyet!!! hahaha. Which will be soon. woohooooooo...O yeah baybehhh.

I also miss my brother from another mother,
my butthead - me booney, so so much. Like he sings too man. How great can my life be? hahaha. Well, they both play the guitar so so well. But different sounds they make. haha.

I love you guys man, and no...Im not a motherfuckin' faggot...they aint homos too. haha.
We are as straight as the steel ruler, the ones like they have at Well, your life is as sad as hell if you dont love your best friends.

Man, I cant wait to see them both. And oo yeah, not to forget me sexie ladies - bel,ren,van. Girls, I have not forgoten you guys. I heart you guys too. Me sexie ladies are saxayyy and always in style. We all are, right honeys??? hahhaha. I sound like a pimp now. Im so not man. hehe. :]

* See u guys like really soon. Loves it.