Sunday, July 27, 2008

M i s e r y B u s i n e s s.

Everyday is like the same old routine....My mondays to fridays i mean. Like shut your mouth and say it aint so kind of moments................Grrrrrrrr.

Thank God there's like jeff, being so kind and nice to me. He picks me up and sends me home EVERYDAY. Dude, you rock man!!! Thanks so so much. How could I ever repay u man??? sigh..

Infinity of thanks to u man.


Like last friday, we went over to Finest cafe at travillion for lunch. Met up with an old bimbo friend, Brennan. hahaha. He can like talks like a bimbo really really well. He should like acted in Mean Girls or something. *in bimbo slang* hahahahahahaaha. LMAO.

Moving on.................

So for lucnh that day, the three of us got our meal from this place called "Malay Corner"...They serve like fried noodles and stuff. I think its pretty good. And yeah, i know...The stall's name sounds kinda racist tho. Lol. oh well...
* Worth paying man. Thou shall try it. haha. :]
So yea... Lunch was interesting. Other than lunch break, theres nothing else interesting to talk about. haha.
*Lunch break makes me happy all the time. :]