Thursday, June 26, 2008

Practical. Day 4.

Wow...I am counting my practical days and so far I've managed to survive for four freakin' days. Day 1 of practical was full of briefing..I managed to stay awake cos' i felt so sleepy during briefing time. Anyways, Day 2 was pretty much the same..Just that both me and jeff were given tasks. 1st, we had to learn our camera settings. Mr.Brendan wants us to be familiar with our camera settings..It was ok i guess. Then, we had to retouch some ahma pic. I had fun giving her a face lift and purple eye shadows. haha. I make peoplelook good dont I? lalala. It was fun. I get to learn new photoshop skills from jeff. He is good with photoshop n such. Day 3 was hectic. I had to assist an indoor fashion photoshoot. Amber was the photographer. She has good photography skill too. Girl, I so envy you. hahaha. It was tiring cos' I had to like hold the reflector for quite some time. All and all, Day 3 was tiring. I get to learn new things I guess its ok. TODAY was also kinda hectic. Another indoor photoshoot, but this time it was under Mr.Brendan and Shaleen. Us juniors had our chances too. I took a few shots. Damn, its not as easy as it looks like. But stilll, its worth it. I cant wait to see the outcome of it. =)

This is how an indoor fashion photoshoot looks like y'all. Well, that's pretty much how it looks like. It surely is not an easy task. Especially when you have to prepare the lightings. Me no likey~~~ Oh well....I will survive! hahaha.

Miss Amber aka miss Photographer is also teachin' these models some poses. You go girl! haha. =)

Owh...this is part of the scene. I took this while everyone else were busy with the shoot. hehe. I was being bored. hihi. A mask isnt just a mask. It covers your true self, and hence..your true feelings. . .

*practical....7 and half week to go. sigh.