Friday, June 27, 2008

P h o t o G a l l e r y.

Personally, when it comes to fashion...I have my own perception on it. My definition of fashion also depends on the mood and settings, and not to forget the theme. Recently, I followed the crew from Photo Gallery for an outdoor fashion photo shoot. We went all the way to Tapanga, which is now known as Garden Hill...( i think...haha.) I cant really remember the name of the place but im pretty sure that it is now called Garden Hill...pardon me. =)
Anyway, we started of as early as 11am. Once we reached the destination, we shoot like no ones business. Tho it was hot, we managed to compose and get good angles. ( i hope...) The outfit was designed by my former class mate who is now finishing her Diploma in Fashion Design, at Cyberjaya. Joy is her name.
Enough said... I now shall show you the pics I snapped with my Canon slr, n all of these selected ones were selected by moi, (in case u dont know how to pronounce moi..its mua. As in like me, in French.) and therefore they were edited by the awesome me. hahaha. Enjoy!

*My top 10 fav shots. =)