Friday, June 27, 2008

the dollyrots.

...have you ever listen to the song called ' My bestfriend's hot'..? hahaha. Its a funny song. And i know Sherry hates the song. Lol. I find this song so funny and random. Of all t he things, 'My bestfriend's hot'? haha.LMAO. Which reminds me of the time when i was walkin' with eric the beavis and I started singin' this song too. (I blame for playin' it in the car that time.) I went, ' My bestfriend's hot...'...and eric was like,'Thanks Dex.'. and i just gave em' that whatever-u-saylook.He perasanted cos he knows he's like my bestfriend. But seriously dude, i wont sing that song for ya. hahahaha. Not in a million years.

*the dollyrots.

This band comes from the US and is categorized under the Punk/Pop Punk genre. Yup,it is y'all. I did some research. haha. =)

*I like this pic of them tho. end of random post.


sherry said...

Stupid song..stupid stupid stupid..