Saturday, June 28, 2008

Beavis and butthead.

Beavis and Butt-head is an American animated tv-show. It used to be aired on mtv. I dono wat happend...haha. Probably the voices for beavis and butthead died or something. haha. kidin. But no worries...cos' in my awesome world, I have my own version of beavis and butthead. hehe. I miss them man. Wonder what they're doin right now. *Wondering* Oh well.....this post is dedicated to u guys. My own beavis and butthead. The original show centers on a pair of teenagers, Beavis and Butthead, who live in the fictional town of Highland. They wile away their time in sarcastic conversation, fantasizing about sex and masculinity, although they never actually experience either. hahaha. Sounds familiar. But its for me to know, for you to never find out. =)
... Unlike the real beavis, My beavis has black hair. haha. and not to forget big pierced ears. But he bullies me with sarcasm too. BUt its ok, I get my revenge every now and then too. hehe. Boo you Beavis! Although he sounds mean, but trust me... You're lucky to have him as a friend. But he is not my friend...cos he is my bestbud. I heart beavis man. We have known each other since we were only 10years old. We have seen each other with goofy hairstyles and weird trends back in the 90s. haha. Trust me, we had. He had seen me really fat and obese...and i have seen him without his front tooth. Or teeth. hahahaha. Lol. How i miss those worry-free days man. We didnt see each other in high school cos' i studied in Kuching, and he was in Miri. And surprisingly, we weren't that close in our primary school days. We are so much closer now. And comin' to think of it, I still cant believe that we are studyin' in the same U. Wow. Coolness man...and Beavis is my partner in crimes. =) We had this daily routine which contains so much awesomeness. (= Awesomeness is a daily routine.

* In my world, this is how me Beavis looks like. I shud blonde his hair.hahaha.

Ant then there's Butthead whom i heart as my own brother fm another mother. He is always there for me through ups and downs. Through pain and laughters. Yes, that's how my Butthead is. STILL, he bullies me too. Just like Beavis...He likes to imitates me and annoy me. ASSWIPE MUCH! huh. Never the less, at the end of the day, he still acts like a real big bro towards me. =) thx butthead. And I am sayin' it in public now...I so do NOT have a big-ass nor a flat ass ok!!!! I believe~~~i have a sexie back. hahaha. LMAO. Hey,dont laugh. Its not funny ok. =P Movin' on.....owh hey,My butthead has curly hair! I want those hair man.

* This is me butthead. I heart butthead.

But one thing they both have in common is....They ROCK and they complete my world with crazy,insane,out of your mind kinds of things. And i enjoy goin' through each days with them. This is why I miss these asses so much right now cos' we r so close yet so far. Sigh~~~ Oh well, no worries. I shall see u guys soon aite.

*end of post.


Anonymous said...

aww...this post is sooo cute~~~ ^_^ u noe when someone is reali good n nice *isnt dat d same?? o.o* LOL when they'r nice to their frens/buddies =)
And U r One NIce Guy aka fren man =)
*gosh i miss my gals >_<

dex said...

awwww...haha. i noe exactly how u feel. i feel the same way towards my buttheads here. huhu. cant wait to see them soon. *sigh*