Saturday, June 28, 2008

a day with me mama.

Yesterday was interesting. I woke up at 11am, blogged for a while. Then showered. I realized that it was 1.30pm when my stomach was 'heavy-metalling'. Thank god my mum came home with food! I hallelujah-ed. haha. By the time I reached the kitchen, my mum was already in front of the t.v, eating her lunch. She was watching some hindi movie. I sat down on the couch with my food and watched it for a while. Tryin' to understand what the movie was about. I understand abit of Hindi, cos' I was brought up with my mum constantly wacthin' her fav. Hindi movies with my sis,grams,etc. Hindi is also my mother tounge. So yea........
I didnt finish my lunch cos' I felt like puking. It was rather oily and greasy that my system cant really take it. And seriously, I am so not picky in food ok. It also happen that my stomach was upset yesterday. Now its feeling better. Thank god.
I went up to my room after that and start surfin' the net and my mum left for her tuition class. Before she left she told me that we might be goin' up to serian later in the evening to visit my grams. But in the end we didnt,(thank God.) cos my mum was feelin' tired. In between, I napped a lil. hehe. So that evening, me n my mum decided to go to The Spring for dinner and some shopping. I bought two t.shirts and a pair of flip flops. I spent around 70bucks. I am a smart buyer. haha. Lol. My mum got herself some t.shirts too. Before that we dined at The Chicken rice shop...The food was ok. The service was slow.
Back at starbucks, I met Sherry and Sherry's friend. (hahaha.).......Ladida.
Me n my mum left the Spring around 10pm. Then we went to star cineplex to watch a movie. My mum and I wanted to watch Wanted...too bad it was fully booked. Sigh. I saw the trailer and OMFG....Angelina Jolie is so ORGASMIC man. Lucky mr.brad. >.< Owh, in the n my mum ended up with the Incredible Hulk.

The movie was ok i guess. Out of 10, I'll give it a 6.5. Im pretty sure that there will be a 2nd one for this movie. The ending was a bit hanging. You should go and watch it yourself to know what I mean. So the movie ended at 1.15am...Me n my mum went home after that and reached home around 1.45am. All and all, it was a fun night. =)

*Im hungry now.


Anonymous said...

i dun rmmber havin a day not to say a nite wit my mum !_! lol =) it's nice anyway, spendin quality time wit ur mum =) aww...dex's a mummy's boy, dat's nice ^_^

dex said...

hahaha. im not the typical mummy's boy man. hahaha. we r just awesome people.hehe.

ah ber said...

dex, ur mom rockz. wish i could do the same with my mumsie too but her beauty sleeping timetable is more important than me T_T. grr. oh well see u soon :)