Friday, May 2, 2008

People Who Matters In My Life...

First....there's my beloved mum...
I have a really understanding mum. I look up to her. She is a strong women. I am sure it is not easy to raise me n my siblings...and whatever we had to go through. It wasn't easy, but we are all Survivors. Thank you mum,for everything.

Then, there's my bro's and sis too. I have a big family. Growing up was challenging, but i had fun! I didn't see my Life as a disaster...if it was, then it was totally a beautiful disaster! hehe. I have great bro's and sis. I'm the 3rd out of 5 siblings. They say when you're in the are the peace maker. :)

My dad? erm,i choose not to talk abt em'.
In case you were wondering, i hold no grudges. I still Love em' no matter what. I guess it's usual for people to walk in and out of your life. It depends on your perceptions on how you look at it.
As for me, Life is still great. I am excited each and everyday! (:
Me amigos.

I have great people in my life...and i am Lovin' it! Padapapapa~~~ that's so McD. ahaha.
I have weird friends...and they rock my world!!!

1st there's Annabel....

She is an amzing friend of mine. We share EVERYTHING with each other. And shes FABULOUOS! hahaha. U noe u are honey~ Lol.
Together with Annabel,there's Roza and Van too. Wat a trio. We are all good friends.
God Bless You guys.

Then....there's Mr.eric and Mr.Bunny...they are superfreaks! ahaha. Kidin guys. U guys Rock, and dont EVER change. They both know whatever is going on in my Life. I hide nothing from them. Cos i Trust them. Remember bros, stay d same ok.

The story continues with people like Jimmy the Diva...MS.Sherry and Doreen...the Paris and Nicole of LKW,(except that they aint bimbo's.) hehe. And not to forget Mr.Gerald,Mr.Dom,Ms.Yen and Ms.Tasha!!! Lordy, now i feel lucky. (:


sherry said...

yayness, i'll be the first person to comment. u have a bloggie!! yappie!!

Doreen ツ said...

Awww... love the post, man :D

Anonymous said...

hheyy~ yr blog is so U man.. ;)
you're the best!! u know u R dex~ lol