Monday, May 5, 2008

10 Things I've Learnt Through out My 20yrs Of Living...

1. When we Laugh.....the World Laughs with Us.
2. When we smile.....We make others smile too.
3. When we Cry.....the next day will be a better day for us.
4. When you're doesn't really help You in any ways. So, just brush it off ur shoulders and
move on.
5. When we feel fat.....Just tell yourself, " I'm Just not thin."
6. When you're hungry.....just eat. NEVER mess with ur metabolism. You might regret it Later.
7. When you feel like the world is against You.....think,"At least the Universe is still on my side." (=
8. When friends back stabs you from behind.....Just Leave it to God. Karma honey~~~
9. When Life throws Lemon at You.....Make Lemonade.
10.When You're running out of reasons not to do your freakin' assignments(Like wat im doin
atm) .....It means that You need to get a grip and START doin' it. PRONTO.