Monday, May 5, 2008

I like...

I like to wake Up early in the morning to watch the sun rises.
I reach campus around 6.45am EVERYDAY. Except for the weekends tho...and im sure It makes me sound like i'm such an enthusiastic early bird. Haha. But guess what? That aint a bad thing isn't it? hehe. I live my life to the FULLEST. Learning from EVERYONE around me...each and everyday. it's a blessing indeed.

I also Love Coffee~~~ Coffee,its LOVE in a MUG. >.< hehe. I drink at least 3cups of coffee EVERYDAY. I insane. Sigh. Somebody save me!!! If i were the richest guy in the world, I wana have my own Cofi Company and name it *Claps* by DexMiguel. hehehe. Well, i'll stick to Starbucks 4 the moment i guess.

I also Like BnB's. Beer and BBQ...Oh,what could go wrong honey???! hahaha. Me and the guys had another BnB last Saturday. It was pretty ok i guess. The guys ended up at my place. There was me,Eric,Dom,Gerald and Remy. Remy as usual was 'ngerepak-ing' all night long. -_____- haha. Ms.Paris and Nicole stayed to clean up the mess We all did...i guess. hehe. Sorry Girls. And we weren't drunk. SERIOUSLY.
Movin' on.....
Eric was tired...he slept first. Me n d rest stayed up late. I managed to stay awake till 4am. Then i gave up. hehe. Mr.Bday Boy and Mr.Gerald slept at 5.30am! Syobih,U guys nang hebat. Kalah Kelawar.hahaha.

The next morning, Mr.Gerald n Mr.Remy left earlier. Me,Eric n Dom continued our sleeping. hihi. We had Maggi for lunch.

<--Mr.Bday boy updating his Fs. hehe

<-- Mr.Eric rockin' his world. Dude,dats so cool. I suck in learning Guitar. Sigh.

I also like doin' random stuffs...hehe. I like friends who does random stuffs in public. It is so the very amusing....lalala.

*Mr.Bunny showin off his talent.

I also like to explore new random places. The newest random place I recently explored is the Rooftop at my Campus. hehe.

Its very abandon tho. But i Like. It
is somehow peaceful. Hey, I guess I'm gonna come here more often. Especially during PRESENTATIONS. Lol. Kidin People!!! lalala.

<--Mr.Bunny polah video klip. hehe.

*end of My random Post.* =)