Tuesday, May 6, 2008

May isn't fun so far...

Day after Day it's...UNFABULOUS~

And everyone around me is...UNBARABLE...

I'm gonna Be the one...UNSTOPPABLE... haha.

My day today was totally hectic. 1stly, like every morning i arrived d earliest.(n i like it dat way..)...It was kinda gloomy dz morning. D weather is as upset as me....sigh.

I kept my stuffs at one corner and was getin' ready to do my freakin' asgments. OH lord,its so so OVERLOADED. hmmpft.

Class starts at 9am. I reached class at 9am sharp. I jz like being punctual. On the way up, i was admiring the sky. I admire gorgeous skies. hehe...
This is one of the views we have to see everyday.

Then came along Chin-ta(hehe) with his Computer parts. As usual. Nth new. He stopped 4 a while to admire the sky as well. Then i was askin' em,"Why do You think the sky looks that way Chin?"...He answered me confidently,"Tekanan Udara!"...I LOL-ed. hehe. Mr.Chin is like the most POPULAR lab assistant in the history of Most Popular Lab Assistants! hehehe. U go Chin!!!

Between Classes...

I had to go up and down the stairs to look for our lecturers. Need to FINALIZE my design ASAP. hmm,dat was Hard. Sigh.
In class, My classmates were freakin' out too. Thank god i am not d only one.

*Mr.Petrus doin' his thing.

On the way down...

I thought there was an 'earthquake'. Hehe. But then, these two girls were chillin' happily. hehe.

Lunch Break~

For lunch today...Mr.Bunny wanted to go somewhere else. So after a short ride in his really cool im-a-rocker-and-i-rock Ride, we arrived safely at our destination-Hopoh. haha. Its been a while since the last time I came here. That place did not change even a tiny bit. Dangdut songs here and there...How hopoh can the place get? I had fun laughing tho. =)

*Mr.Bunny against the Jam. hehe.

I had a waffle for Lunch. Me,Chary and Gerald decided to eat waffles for Lunch. It wasnt that Orgasmic tho! I was hopin' for the ones they have at the Spring and Wisma Saberkas. haha. Now that's ORGASMIC. Lol...Mr Bunny and Angel had KFC.

* Insanity

Late afternoon...

I finally got my finalized logo. Thank god. hmm.
On the way out of the staffs room, Doreen and Chrislyn were happily lepaking in front of the entrance. haha. Mr.Bunny came out with his outfit for the upcoming fashion show. As usual, he was doin' wat he does best. Amusing.

*Say goodbye to Borat...this is Boorit! ahaha.

* My friend from Kazakhstan. =)



Doreen ツ said...

Aww... well, at least the day turned out ok in the end, right? :D