Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Same Old Routine...

Things are so insane at the moment. Everyone has their own probs to worry about. It is sad. Even this morning when i arrived campus, the freakin' gate was still locked. Wow, I was so surprised. Even the bus driver had to wait outside and parked his bus outside the gate. hehe.

* We were so kesianted. haha.

* I waited for abt 30mins for the gate to open. hmm. :/

I wish...

I sometimes wished that I could just skip dont wana do me freakin' asgments. They are so overloaded. Gives me headache everyday. :(
I just want my Life back cos right now, these assignments are suckin' my Life out of me. Even all my closest friends are so moody and unhappy nowadays. I miss seeing their happy faces.
...Oh well, I'm sure things will be better guys. Just hang in there ok! Lets do this together. Lets just embrace it, and not fighting it.

Oh...and hey. I like Eric's new ear thingies. They rocked! haha. Bro, you r creative. Lol. i Like~~~

*nice arent they? hehe.

During Lunch Break...the anime club had a short meeting. aww~ so interest one...lalala.

*Anime Lovers.

I was so bored that evening...So i went around the campus snapping pics...

*Looks so abandon.

After roaming around alone...i finally went back to Wing's Coffee. I met Tasha. Aww,she looks nice in Red. I should have taken pic with her. Sigh. Oh well...and poor mr.bunny and My dear bestie annabel had a lousy day too. Hmmm... Dnwory guys,things will be better. I promise.


Anonymous said...

awww....thanks dexie! yre the best! always is, and always will.. :)