Monday, January 18, 2010

Take the risk. Feel the rush.

Wow, I cant believe classes are starting next week. That's like few days away. Excited? nah..... Just a lil' bit nervous thinking abt our damn results. Butterflies in my stomach man, shitnesssss. I dont like to wait. Especially when waiting makes you feel more nervous.

Anyways, dinner was great last night. We finally had something indian for dinner. haha. Mum made chicken kurma, dhal, and we ordered capati's from Bombay spices. We also insisted on Bunny to come. My mum prepared the chicken kurma especially for em' and he said it tasted good. Yup, he's like family. I mean, he is part of us all. After dinner, Bunny and I watched Blue crush. A movie about surfer chicks. Now, when you put chicks with surf boards, what do you get? Hotness dude, HOTNESS. We enjoyed the movie especially brotha bunny whose totally into surfing. He came back from Cherating with a surfboard. It is so awesome dammit. I may not be into surfing but I am excited to see him surf. Trust me, the movie made me realized that surfing aint easy. You need stamina and loads of courage and good balancing. Without all this, you will never be a good surfer. Now I sound like Bunny.

I am currently having quality time with my grandma. Most of the time we spend time talking, eating out and me sending her to run her errands and sending her for massages. I love my grams. You should too. :]