Thursday, January 14, 2010

Family matters

It has been such a wet week. It rains everyday and it makes surfing the net extremely hard. I swear it takes ages to connect to Safari. haha. Yes, say hello to Safari. I have been meaning to post up a pic of the new addition to the family, my baby cousin. My aunt just gave birth to a baby boy, few days ago. This kiddo is not even a week old. :]

In fact, the other night when my mum and I went to the hospital to visit my aunt who was discharged yesterday, they were already discussing names. My mum and my aunties, one of them currently in Kelang made a few choices. They thought of naming him either Sameer or Shamir. Well, I almost laugh my ass off when I heard the name Shamir. I know eric would. haha, inside jokes ok folks. And bunny's niece's name is Sharmin. It reminded me of these little little things as well. haha. Picking names is fun. For as long as i can remember, my name was also chosen by my fellow aunties and uncles - my mum's siblings. I totally love my name i guess. At least its not Drake or Josh....or something else that is not pronounceable. I am very thankful indeed that my name is not some Iban inspired name. No offence. I am an Iban too. Well, I am under that category. Dont get me wrong tho, I am proud of my own roots. Without them, I'm nothing.

Anyways, I have this new obsession. Its a very healthy obsession mind you. I love oldies. I love old fashion. People, I like old classic cars. I love the 50s, 60s, 70s era. The music is like a mantra to my soul. It heals, its very enhancing and its very pleasant to the ears. I have plan to get myself a classic ride one day. Trust me, dreams do come true. I recently watched this 2009 movie called The boat that rocked and the movie's setting takes you all the way back to the 60s era, which is awesome. Guys, if you are a music lover just like me, you are ought to watch it. Highly recommended I must say!

I have also decided to get more tats tattoed on my less appealing body when I finally have the money to do so. Wait till Eric's ass is back here and Bunny gets some free time to spear. I need you opinions on stuff guys.

Meanwhile, my ass is totally glued to the stool as my ears get frequent orgasms listening to Oldies. Life is awesome. This is me, signing off for today. Have a nice day y'all. :]


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