Monday, December 28, 2009

Merde happens?

I've always known that God is great. he had a plan and I conclude that every person, big or small, Brown or White, short or tall, is a part of God's great tapestry. Nothing is coincidental in life, I guess.

2009 is comin' to an end. Hello 2010. I wonder so much what it has installed for me. I am not gonna hope for the best, cos' Life is not only about the best but little little things that forms the best and the worst. Embrace the good, and learn from the bad. :]

p/s- Man...I miss my buddy so much, my partner in crimes. Dude,COME BACK SOON!

Another P/s- I think I'm pretty sick cos I dont mind mouth ulcers at all. Pain is pleasure I guess. See? I am sick! haha