Monday, September 8, 2008

This is Borneo.

Man, tomorrow I have a presentation and here I am blogging my heart out. Things are lookin' at its brighter side now. I am thanking God that I am actually doing better now. It all started with a chair. When you sit, you actually think more than you are suppose to. This is my theory and apparently, mr.Booney agreed. Hence, I am spreading this theory cos' its actually TRUE. Based on living proof. So yea.......

These days, I have been very busy with assignments ( yea right ). No, really.... I am. I feel like this is my last chance to proof to myself and everyone around me that I am not made of shit for in the future I will make a Hit. Like how Britney Spears made it big with her hit single - baby one more time.
Izit me, or that sounded wrong?? Yup. Must be YOU. hahahahhaa.

Anyway, moving on.

Today started off with a not-so-sunny day, and ended with Rain. I like Rain, but i LOVE the sun.
Sun+Coffee=ORGASMIC. hehe.

I am also happy cos Ronald my tutor for Advertising 2, likes my idea for my Child Abuse ad.
Yayness!!!! *claps* *More claps* :]

* Child abuse is not pretty. hahahahahaha.

I am so so superly duperly feeling ghey happy cos im done with that. Well, almost.

And yen did this for me.

* So is this what you say---Talk to the hand??hahaha.

The Irony. I was walkin' to U.Tech with Booney and we were like lets take a pic of us with our friends. Something like the movie cover for This is Britain.
Lemme show you.

Oops, sorry people. I tried searching for it on Google. Apparently, the movie aint making it big after all.

I give you - This is Borneo. :]

* Its pretty much like this. So yea...
The only thing missing in the pic is my
bestfriend. :[ My other half.
If not, it will be Picture perfect. huhu.

* Candid. hahahaha. Gotcha. Look at shafiq.

More pics. Oh_so_random moments.

* what i deal with everyday. Dont blame me if I get crazier each and everyday people. This is such a good example. hahaha.

* Nyet nyet. Finally, you're smiling again. So glad bro. Nyet nyet....


Dom, Jimmy and I had to run through the rain today. Dom parked his car at Heritage. hahaha.
Loves the rain. And jimmy thinks that he turns people on cos he was Wet. SO NOT JIMMY.

* Sunshine after Rain.

*Livin' life to the fullest.