Sunday, September 7, 2008

These pass few days has been very...Uplifting. Thanks to my bestfriend, and my brother and sister from another mother. Thanks for opening my eyes and to knock some sense into my brain. Without YOU, I would still be as blue as the ocean. With only no boats or sails.

For some reason, my brother from another mother texted me the other night... I hate it cos he just know it when Im feelin' down and so so Low.

This is what he conveyed to his "cute lil' bro".... WHAT???he does call me that ok? hahahaha. shatap ur face HATERS. haha.


"Past thought us loads of things. But some, it is just a word and we never tried to learn. Friends are always there...But some never tried to see it. Sometimes we want to make people happy and we try to be the best for them. But we neglected how they live their life and their feelings. Isn't that selfish? I do not know that either. Friends will come, and friends will go. But sometime we have to understand why. Cos we never know what is in their mind. Its not that they neglect or ignore you, but maybe they just have something in their mind that they just want to keep to themselves. Life is hard for you, and remember, Life is hard for them too. Now we can depend on them, and they are always around us. But will they still be around us tomorrow? Maybe yes and maybe no. Or maybe tomorrow you will find new ones. But now, to learn to be alone or without anyone around you is one of the steps to take. For we will need it in the future. Remember what you said - Today is a gift, and tomorrow is a mystery...We never know my dear brother."

" Yeah, everything will be great. And everything will be so much different. Guess you know that too. Cos after graduating, you will step into real life. When that moment comes, you will realize and regret lots of things. But ofcourse you will appreciate most of it. Rehemember this, the boat is waiting. You will sail through an ocean where you will have to go through the big waves, the storm, the rain, the darkness, the sunlight, the breeze, the fishes, and yeah...that is when you will find your island with diamonds."

What Dex Miguel thinks....

Thanks my rocker brother from another mother. Appreciate it so so so much. I heart you crazy ass booney. :]
Thank you so so so MUCH.

*i will hold on to y'all. You know who you are. :]