Monday, August 11, 2008

Campus Life.

I woke up as early as 6.50am this morning. Showered and got ready cos the plan was to go to studio with Amber and Mr.brendan will be pickin' us up and all but turn out that Amber was feeling feverish. Poor Amber. Hopefully she's feeling better now. Amen.
I msgd my mum and she picked me up from home and dropped me at campus. Then I hung out at wings coffee for a while. After that walked to studio to meet up with Mr.brendan regarding some form he had to fill in for our internship feed-back. haha. Wow, time really flies. 4days to completing my practicals.

Anyway, had lunch at the usual place. The coffee shop opposite aka U.teshhh. hahaha. Oh well...Lunch wat usual. Nth new. Then headed back to campus. The rest had classes so I had to linger around wings coffee.hahaha. Poor me.

Around 3-4pm had ice kacang at Stone Ice. The ice kacang was ok, not dat orgasmic tho. hahaha.

What dex miguel thinks about today.......

cos i got a new bangle from me booney,me brotha from another motha. Thx butthead. Loves it. :]

Picture time~~~

* hehe. erics in lurve with d car. Its a super hot car tho. huhu. One day k nyet. hmmmm...

*Loves dz pic. :]

*mr.bunny was like,"wtf is dexter doin."
That's so his wtf look. hahahahhahaa.

*The jimmy that makes me looks FAT. wtf.

*and he smokes......


Back at campus, Eric and Dominic ate a praying mantis. hahahaha. wtfwtfwtfwtfwtf.


Explicit features.

What Dex miguel thinks about it.............................

awwwww man, poor praying mantis man. huhu.


*dramatic moments*

Anyways, Van..jimmy n I cam whored for a while. :]

*end of day 1. :]