Monday, July 14, 2008

If i was a rich boy...nanananananananana. Infinity of nananana's.

Ever wonder how it would feel like to be rich and loaded...and still happy at the same time..? *wondrin'...*

Well, wonder no more cos it takes such a long time. hahaha.

This is what I would want...In the future. The rich and famous me perhaps...? perhaps...perhaps...perhaps...

Number 1. A hot ride.
* Mini Cooper, my all time fav. haha.
Its mini but its powerfull too man.
Coolio man!!!

Number 2. Prada Gold HP.
*Sexie and sleek. Thats what i need man.

Number 3. Ipod.
*This baby is hot and it plays music man. Mui bueno!

Number 4. A sexie crib with a pool side.
*Owh yeah man,this is where im gona have fun with my peeps havin' bnb. AWESOME.

Number 5. Flat Screen tv.
*This is wer im gona catch up my fav. series. :]

Number 6. A limited edition Ibanez.
*I want this baby!!! Im learnin' how to play it too man. OO yeahhhh~~~~

Number 7. A fullback tattoo.
*Need i say more???

Number 8. A rock band.
*Cos iv an inner rock star named Miguel. haha.

Number 9. A house in Hawai.
*Ahhh,holiday mode.

Number 10. My own album. hahaha.
* If im rich, y not rite???

Number 11. A never ending supply of BOOZEEEE!!!

Number 12. A personal Butler. :]
* Its cool have a personal butler.

Number 13. A trip to Paris.
* Bonjour paris'...very sexie man...........

Number 14. A hot exotic, latina gf. (hahahahahaha)
*DUDE......ORGASMIC!!!! hahahaha.

And last but not least......CHARITY!!!!!!