Sunday, July 20, 2008

Her name is A n g e l.

Yesterday evening we had a small gethering at Angel's new apartment. I thought I could not make it when suddenly mr.Bunny my Butthead arrived at my place around 4pm I guess..? I was up in my room onlining when he arrived. He had his hair done like Bob Marley, like how he told me before. :]
Anyway, he came up to my room and I showered for a while and got ready. Then, we went over to his place. He changed and his brother Lingga sent us over to Angel's. When we arrived, Sarah and Glenda was already there. So it was only me,Sarah,Glenda,Mr.Bunny,Chary and Eric who were invited. But nyet couldn't make it cos he was in Miri. Angel's gonna miss you man... and Chary was at work so he came later around 10pm. Angel bought us some KFC, and there were loads of tit bits and such. Had loads to eat. I was bloated. That's when I felt abit unwell. Omg man...
We played cards in Angel's room, but before that, Angel and Glenda went out to the front gate to pick Chary.
So this is what me n butthead did....hahaha.

*Do we look like Paris and Nicole?? hahaha. Lol,we were being gheyyyyy. Bunny was using angel's shades, and I was usin Glenda's. hahahaha. Owh,we were like taking this pic in a rush cos angel n glenda was already at the front door that time. :]

*We were foolin' around in Angel's room when there were no one around. We played with Angel's pink belt. hahahaha.

*Oh btw, that white teddy was given to Angel by eric on her bday last year. ;]

* My butthead tryin to be sexayyyy. hahaha.

*owh, angel's comfy bed. Thx angel. we had a great time.hahahaha. :]

*Sarah and angel.

* After dinner. Cam whored. :]


*Hey Angel, tho' ur leavin for Cyber Jaya this Friday...this isn't a Goodbye. You know why? Cos we are gonna meet each other again aite. :] We'll miss ya. Have fun in Cyber Jaya and do keep in touch man.


Lissa said...

come to cyberJ la you haha =)