Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gypsy Woman.

Small talk------
Man: The battle of France is over.
Sexie Ladies: Congratulations, you've joined the ranks of all the rest .

Was it her face that invaded your mind?
Her kind isn't that hard to find
She lets you think that you found her first
That's how she works, her sick and twisted gypsy curse

She can swallow knives
She can swallow lives
Gold and black stare,
Brought the night of your demise

Try to run away with the gypsy woman
Here today then gone for good
Can't get away with the gypsy woman
Thought no one would know your secrets down below [but ya]
Can't go
Can't go with her
The gypsy woman

This is her favorite game to play
She's got you stumblin',
Talks with a grin cause she's got no shame
Enjoys the fame, bringing down the family name

She can rob you blind with just one look from those eyes
Out of all the thieves that trained her
None of them could tame her

Tell me was it worth it? Can You Say It's Worth it? Tell Me Was It Worth? Can You Tell Me It Was Worth it?

Man: The battle of France is over

*Beware. She's among us.