Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cheers to Life.

My saturday- which was yesterday was interesting. Woke up at ten in d morning. Showered. Then made myself a hot mug of coffee. Loves it. Then got a call from Jacob sayin' that he will be pickin' me up in 30mins time. So I got ready and stuff...Jacob appeared in his White my-vi after 30mins...haha. Right on time,senor!! Anyways, we head to Ray saloon at Travillion cos jacob wants to get a new hair-do. I also needed to trim my hair. The split ends are killin' me. There goes my social life man. hahaha. Oh well, *dramatic moments*...

Yen came after 30 mins. So after i got my hair done and all...this is how I look like......

* my hair is so straight after they blow dried it. And i know rite? I look like a girl. wtf. haha.

Mine was done after like...erm, 40 mins i guess. The process includes hair washing, trimming, n blow drying. Walah!!! hahaha. Jacob's was longer tho. I guess it was like 3hrs?? More or less...yups.

* No one were hurt during the process above. :]
So after getting our hair done, the three of us decided to watch the x-files. The movie wasn't that good. Sadly...I prefer the series. I used to watch it with my mum back when i was a kid. haha.
Those were the days.
Movie ended after 7, so we headed to Chef's at home somewhere at Hui Sing garden. The owner is my friend's auntie. AND the FOOD is tre awesome man. Dude and dudets, thou shall go. its ORGASMIC man.
The three of us enjoyed the fine dine moments, then after 9pm we had to drop Yen at Boulevard then me and Jacob headed to Paramita's place for some gathering. All and all, I arrived home after 12am. Almost 1am i supposed. It was a long day, and the three of us had fun. :] Thank's jacob and yen.
*Nyet is comin' back soon. Oooo yeah baybeh!!!!!