Sunday, July 6, 2008

d r e a m G i r l s.

*Dedicated to my sexie Doreen. =)

I was out with the 'dream girls' aka Sherry,Doreen, and Chrislyn yesterday. Just hung out to kill time and i brought my cam cos' d plan was to take some pics of the Dream girls for remembrance before our dear sexie doreen leaves for Cyber Jaya soon. We will miss u sexie doreen. Bit no worries, KL isn't that far and we shall kidnap u sometime k???...=) Smile for us k. It will all get better in time. Trust me aite. We LOVE you.
Anyway, these are some of the pics I've edited. Will update it k. Enjoy!

*will update soon. Stay tuned. =)


Do®een™ said...

Awww... Dexie... :')

I'm gonna miss all of you too. I heart all of you :D