Monday, May 26, 2008

The smile from my face is fading. The Joy in my heart is dying. I dont even know what I feel inside sometimes.

For some reasons, Mondays are never fun for me. Through out my Life, Mondays are always Black to me. Sad but true. And today wasnt really my day. Got up early in the morning and was forced to watch our seniors final presentation for sem.6. Wow, eventho i was just there to watch, I could felt the nerve wrecking moments my seniors had.
Talkin' about nerve wrecking, I am going to an interview tomorrow. sigh. Not fun!!!
Oh well...i go to bed and i wake up isnt that interesting? I brush my teeth and feed my dog, isnt dat thrilling??? Haha. Im such a dreamer but I aint a Leaver. =) *mumble mumble*
This afternoon, Mr.Bunny brought us to his place to pick Chary up. While waiting, we went in and met his mum and his cute lil' bro who is so so adorable to the max man. Aww. If im not mistaken, his name is Zaroff. Pardon me on the spelling tho. Im not so sure about the spelling.

* Lil kids are so so cute. Zaroff is so so adorable.

Lookin' at cute innocent kids makes me smile. aww. Seriously, God is REAL. Kids makes me happy. My nephew makes me go crazy tho. He is so so naughty. But i still Love him tho. haha. What's funny is that, I like to discipline him. hehe.

I really really dont know what to believe in anymore. Im so so tired of this.

"Listen to the sound of my head pounding
Wish that it was make-believe
Praying for the skies to open up and
Wash away your memory".

Sometimes I do feel like "
I don't know why I'm feeling sorry for myself
I spend all my time wishing that I was someone else

But some other times I'm just on top of the world. I want it to stay that way. Dear Lord, have mercy. ='(