Sunday, May 25, 2008

Party Like a Rockstar...

Walao weh, Last night was fun. Tho it was only me,eric, n Ng, some new friend of mine. Get to know em' thru eric n gerald. haha. Whom eric calls shaolin soccer. Lol. Anyways, Mr.Bunny,Dominic n Remy was supposed to join us...But they all had some other things to b taken care of. So its ok i guess. We still had fun tho. We started out with some shopping. 1st we went to pick eric up at his plc. He was LATE. hahaha. Its ok bro. No biggie. Then we head to Boulevard to get some stuffs. We Bought fries,wedges,beer,tit bits,kuac's,coke,ice cream,...etc. For 3 innocent dudes (rite,..haha..), this is ALOT. haha. Its ok tho,cos we are actually celebrating Gerald's bday. It was our guys night out. At boulevard,we went to the charity car show. Eric was EXCITED. I was excited to see the classic cars. OMG. Theyre awesome dude. I like~~~

I love jips. I think theyre HOT. I wanna pimp my ride and play hip hop songs around town. haha. I will add that to my 'TO-Do List'. hehe. Kewl man. I cant wait to have my own ride and my freakin' license to start with. Im 21 this year for God's sakes. Sigh. Oh well...
Moving on..
After we shopped, we head back to my place and started frying our food and soaked our boosts in iced water. Yeah babeh yeah!!! Love from God. hehe. We were pretty much full even before we started munching on our food which looked like a week supply. Whoa. It was damn alot. Thank God there was Eric and Gerald. haha. We managed to finish 1 box of Oranjeboom. We got tipsy but we werent drunk. I felt FAT tho. Sigh.

*Plz dont stop the music. haha. Eric was high.

* i was like wtf. hahaha

* Eric's Kodomo Lion look.

* -.^

* Evil is Evil. Eric is thinkin' evil. haha

* Hmm,trust me. We both dont turn dat way.

* Alalalalalong.

* Eric's gona shit man.hahaha

* Erics partner for the night. hehe

* this looks so rainforest-ish.

* Smoke in my head.

* Finally, there u r Gerald. haha

* Inhale Angelina Jolie, exhale Jessica Alba.

Eric and Gerald slept early. Darn. party was jz gettin' started bros. What hapend? U guys were thinkin' of strippin' outside my house.hahaha. kidin y'all.

The next day...woke up at 10 am i guess...Fried some more fries n ate all the left overs. I aint lettin' me hommies home without finishin' the god damn' 1 week supply of food. Wahahahaha.

* Told ya there was alot to eat.hehe. Alhamdulilah.

* That s how the story goes. Cant wait for the next one!!! wahaha.