Wednesday, May 21, 2008

On top of the World. Maybe.

Today was quite a fun day. I had fun. Thanks to people around me. Especially Mr.Bunny and Eric. Their craziness cracks the hell out of me. hahaha. Gr8 Bros! Cheers Pig Dog. Something was missin' tho. Lemme recall...oh yea,BEER!!! hahahaha. Lol.
Me and the guys had some fun today. 1st there was the acoustic session where eric,bunny,chary,chrislyn and some other cool guitar playing humans performed. hehe. i wish i could play the guitar. I really wanna learn! Eric,bila gik mok ajar saya tok? Bertelor saya nunggu awak. hahaha.
Anyways, after the acoustic session...Me and eric went for lunch opposite u.teshh! haha. As usual, nothing new. Just some random jokes we both shared with each other. After that we head back to Campus. Was so freakin' hot. I sweat like a pig. Wow. GLOBAL WARMING ALERT people!

Then around 3-4, we had this tattoo session. Eric did for mr.bunny,(sik kacak alu! lalala. haha. kidin)..and yen Did for me. (nang kacak! haha.)

Oh yea, and we LOVE to camwhore. I dont have to mention that out loud for you to know about it. hehe.