Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fortune Cookie.

I noticed that day by day, the world is getting even more angrier and crueler. Whatever happens to Love or care, or Peace...? It is a very sad thing coming to think about it. Well, although most of us would prefer to choose violence to 'make things right', I would still stick to my point of view that violence does not solve anything. Love, in the other hand, is everlasting. Call me lame, or gay or whatever. I dont give a damn. All I know is, love leads us to happiness. To a better future, of course. :)

I also noticed that people uses the word Hate more often nowadays, compared to Love. Yes,I too use it most of the time. But mind you, I use the word Love even more. Like when I talk about my mum, or describe how good coffee is for you...or how the smell of fresh laundry makes me feel. This little little things if you know what I mean. Love is not just a four letter word, it is also the one word the world evolves around. People or legends like Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Princess Di and Nelson Mandela are good examples of those who believes in the power of love. Why? Simply cos they speak the language of Love better that anybody else.

Love is when you feel at peace. When you feel warm inside. Or when you dont have to try so hard to fit in the circle of people who you hang out with. Love is friendship. Love is when someone accepts you for who you are without caring what people might think or say about you. Instead, they back you up and know that all the rumours spread about you aint' true. Well, not perfection. Instead, it is a summary of our flaws and imperfections. God did not make anyone perfect. He wants us to love and accept one another as it is. We are after all in this world to experience being ourselves.

Love, after all comes in different shapes and sizes. Saying I love you is just the beginning to something even bigger than life. And ourselves. :)