Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What's hot on my playlist...

When it comes to music, I personally consider myself as a universal listener. I listen to alot of different genres. Except for Malay,Chinese,Techno,Iban+Bidayuh songs. No offense to anyone who is reading this at the moment. I just have another level of taste in music.
Currently, I am listening to something more LOUD and ENERGETIC as in like Metal and such. My best friend listents to mostly metal. Thus, I get loads of infos from him and such. I also listen to loads of alternative rock,screamo,indie rock,and sometimes i'll switch to slower numbers. Something more melodious.

My favs would be.....

1. Eyes set to kill.
* Eyes set to kill is under the screamo genre. Its a really good combination of melodic female voice and a screaming dude. :]

2. Farewell to freeway.
* Farewell to freeway is also categorized under the screamo genre. Like eyes set to kill, Farewell to freeway Rocks my socks too!!

3.As i Lay dying.
* I get to know this amazing metal/hard core band from my bestfriend who listens to basically Metal and some other metal genres. My best friend lives in Metaltopia. I get my updates on bands from him. :] haha. U rock dude.

4. Incubus.
* Dude and dudets, need i say more???

5. Eisley.
* This band is under Indie Rock. They play good music too. I like some of their tracks. :]

6.The bird and the Bee.
* another band under the indie rock genre. Plays very melodious songs. They have this song called - The polite dance song.
Its a cute song. :]

7. Vanessa Carlton.
* hahaha. Girly? well, she plays good music. Her piano skills are really good...she sings and plays the piano and shes pretty...
Dude, that's hot ok. hahaha.
So shattap ur face.

Last but not least...

I proudly present to you...

The best band of the year, who calls themselves Undecided brothas. (wtf)

* they're fuckin awesome dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thou shalt agree....
OR ELSE.........................................................

*Good day ladies and gentlemans. Bitches and whores. Dude and dudets.