Monday, July 14, 2008

Choking on a dream.

Today was a totally lazy day for me...omygod. I woke up as early as 9 and got ready for studio n stuff. Showered and drank coffee. Then listened to some songs on my mp3. I love blastin' my music to the max. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.
I wished i could just stay home today and just stay in my room listenin' to some metal songs, then slowly change it to some spanish songs. While doin' that, I can just lie down on my bed and just do nothing and stare at the sky, cos my bed is next to the window.
Owh, which also reminds me of last sunday when i was in my room onlining...and was amazed with this.

* Gorgeous no?? How often can you see a clear gorgeous sky like this man..Wawawiwa. :]

I wasn't high or anything...but I really wished that I could fly into the sky and just play on the clouds. HAHAHA. Mind you...I have my own fantasy ok! =P For me to know, for you to never find out. hahaha.

Moving on... ..........................................................

For lunch, Jeff and I went to KFC, the one at Riverside. So after lunch, we walked around for a while and stopped by at Times. And guess what I saw?? The perfect gift for my Butthead Bunny and Eric's bday prezy!!! hahaha. shhhhhhhhhhhh~~~~

* Eric and Bunny have been tellin' me that they want these novels. Seredup Kasihmu and Kasih antara Kita. hahaha. Hey, il get it for u guys aite??? no worries bros.

OK fine!!! I was kidding ok. Ofcourse my bestfren and my brother from another mother has better taste!!! I mean, dude.....those are such a no no!!! hahaha.

Anyway, after Times, me and jeff left and head for the studio. We were waiting outside the studio for about 5mins i guess...only to find out that Mr.Brendan and the gang went out for lunch. So Jeff and I decided to go for Kaya and toast. I drank teh c peng and Jeff ordered some set thingy. hehe. He also chia'd me the drink. Thanks man! Apreciate it. :]

* owh,i made this masterpiese with soy sauce at Kaya and toast. Brilliant me. hahaha.

At studio, me and jeff worked on the Baby album. It is something I had to do, and Jeff is helpin' me out cos im really bad with illustrator. Ayayaiiiiii!
Left studio at 5pm..and it was raining. But on the way back...saw this really cute Vespa. CHOLOPPPP!!!!! hahaha.

* Cute no??? ahha.

*4 more weeks to go before my practical ends. sigh.