Monday, June 2, 2008

Footprints in the Sand.

Last few days were interesting. First there was the wedding that we attended. It was my Best friends friend Wedding. hehe. It was fun. We had drinks and great food. I was stuffed. People around us were having fun too. I felt so so tired that night and slept first. I think it was around 1am or so. Me and Eric stayed over at Bunny's. Woke up in the morning and I felt like I have drums playing in my head. Now, that wasn't fun y'all. Poor Eric felt worst. It's ok bro. You had more fun than me that night! hahaha.

*I was in front. Yay me. I didnt have to squeeze. hehehe. Sorry guys!

*Eric was posing. hahaha. At bunny's friends house.


Next morning was a Friday. Bunny planned to go to the beach so we did go to the beach that evening. It was drizzlin' at first but when we arrived Camp Permai, the sea was lookin' awesome and the sand was so brown and it makes you feel like running along the beach. And I did. hehe.

* B4 we went dipping, Mr.Bunny had his Zinger meal. he was so into it. awwwww....hahaha.

* hahaha. Candid.

* Isnt there anything else better to do at the beach? haha. Lol.

*Its so obvious that Mr.Bunny stopped chewing when we took dz. hehe.

*yay us. dat was my creation. yay me.

* I was bored. lalala

Nice ey?

It was a tiring day. Wow. But I really had loads of Fun. =) That night we also went to desserts at The Spring and after that went to Home Cook for a quick dinner and after that back to my place and lepaked. hehe. Bunny,Eric and Tasha stayed over at my place.


It was Gawai's eve so I thought of cooking something for dinner. So that night, Bunny and Chary came over for the lil' dinner i made. Eric has been around since the night before. We both walked to Boulevard to buy some food for dinner. hehe. I made steamed chicken, stir fried some mixed vege's, fried some sausages and.....yea. Some sour drink! hahaha. They said it was good....really guys??? hahaha.

* Chary, u sure u want it? hahaha.

* washin' his own dish.

*did i mention that our night ended up at Grappa? hahaha.

* Blurry ey, it was Loud.