Saturday, June 21, 2008

b i t t e r S w e e t.

Wow...for the past week iv been away from home. I stayed over at Eric's place. For one whole week filled with joy,fun,sad moments...well, sad cos everybodys leavin'. Do you know how it feels like to see people who matters to you leave or disappear. One day they are around you, the next day they're somewhere else in this world. At that moment you will feel a slight emptiness in your heart. Well, this is how I feel at the moment. First, there was my late grandfather who just passed last friday. At first I didnt know how to feel...I felt so numb. But slowly it hit me. To think about my other family members mourning for him, I felt the pain too. I know I may sound so dramatic right now but this is how i feel.

Then there's eric. Who just left for miri today. Sent him to the airport with Sherry, Dominic and Doreen. Wow, it wasnt a great feeling either. Its like we have this everyday routine which requires happy and crazy things to do and think about. And now thinkin' of this two months flyin' solo without my partner in crime...its totally wtf. Argghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
This is scary and sick. Lord, have mercy. Plz make this two months short and sweet for all of us. Amen.

*im so gona miss doin crazy random stuffs with my mothafuckin partner in crime. huhu.

* my other crazy half.

I am also freakin' out cos someone else is leaving for good too. Somewhere far far away. Its hard to see her leaving very soon. My days will look like London, it rains evereyday. :(
I know, maybe my time is yet to come. But sometimes i just feel like givin' up. haha. Love aint my thing i guess. Love dont have any confidence in mr.Dex...haha. Oh well, at least both of my bestbuds-Mr.Bunny and Eric are happier now. that makes me happy too. :)

I miss my worry-free days. All i need is my family and friends...I just need to know that Everything is going to be just fine.
I miss my partners in crimes, my brothers from different mothers, my homies, my sexie ladies. I miss all of You.

*i miss u asses. huhu.

* i miss those moments, haha.

* my rocker brother from another mother. iv been sayin' it over its getin' out of style. haha. NOT!

* buds.

* and not to forget,happy 22nd birtday bro. will get u sumtin soon k. hehe.