Friday, May 9, 2008

Pain.Tears.Joy= May

I find myself today... I find myself and ran away. Doesn't make any sense huh? Well...lets just say, Sometimes it is so hard to even know what ur feeling inside. At one moment ur on top of the world...and then all of a sudden, u feel so down that u feel like just breaking down. At some point, U will try to ignore ur own feelings. Some other time u tend to feel so miserable with ur own feelings. Its a sad Life huh...what to do people. Life's Like that sometimes. In fact, Life wont be Life without its ups and downs. Life was meant to be Up....n down. Sometimes ur on top of the world...sometimes ur jz somewhere in the world. In fact, Life is full of surprises. Ive learnt that when u loose someone in life, u will gain someone way better. Its all about Giving n taking.

I noticed that My mood swings very easily dz days. Im like the weather. First its so sunny and gorgeous...Once it rains, i get gloomy too. Hmm...Im so unpredictable nowadays.

* Dz is how i feel inside. =\


I'm currently feeling so hopeless. The voices in my head Questions my Life...Why, and when...?
Hard questions to answer man. Hey, that rhymed. hehe.

Oh least this morning i was so On top of the world. The sun shines like there was no tomorrow. N so did i! haha.

* Loves the Sun.

* I was like,"i want that!"

Yesterday was more less the same. ahhaha. Snapped some random pics tho...

* yen tryin to be Kawaii~ Lol.haha.

* Retard! Lalala. hehe. U look cute Yen. =)

* Senyuman Colgate from RenRoza. hehe

* Bunnito!

* Guess Who??!

* Hidden Mickey! yay me. hehe

* Van malu2 indah eh...yen pulak pasrah. hehe.

*mmmmmm~ Orgasm eh! hehe

* Need i say more? haha.

* Miss Ren.

*Lets embrace the moments we have.